The End of the Universe

In this post I’ll talk about the far future of the Universe and also how there is a certain similarity with the very early Universe - one of the reasons which led  Roger Penrose to propose his Cyclical model of the Universe. Before we do this, it is worth having a very brief summary about… Continue reading The End of the Universe

The Lyrids 2023

The night of  22/23 April 2023 will be the peak of the Lyrids, one of the most famous prolific meteor showers. Meteors (also known as shooting stars) are bright streaks of light caused by small lumps of rock or metal called meteoroids hitting the Earth’s atmosphere at very high speed. As they pass through the atmosphere they get… Continue reading The Lyrids 2023

Cycles of Time

In a future post I'll talk in detail about conformal cyclical cosmology (CCC). This is a model of the Universe where it passes endlessly through a possibly infinite number of cycles (or aeons) each of which starts with a big bang and ends with a rapidly expanding empty universe.  This fascinating idea was proposed in… Continue reading Cycles of Time

The equinox 20 March 2023

In 2023 March 20 is the date of the March equinox and is also the first day of spring (or the first day of autumn if you're one of my readers in the Southern Hemisphere). In this post I’ll talk about the equinoxes and discuss the commonly held, but not quite correct, view, that they… Continue reading The equinox 20 March 2023

Christmas Day January 7th?

Happy New Year to my readers and followers and I hope you have successful 2023. Although for most us the Christmas and New year festivities are over, for followers of the Orthodox form of Christianity, Christmas is yet to come, as they don't celebrate their Christmas until January 7 The reasons for celebrating Christmas 13… Continue reading Christmas Day January 7th?