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Hi this is Steve Hurley

From an early age I have had an interest in science and astronomy. After leaving high school I studied mathematics and astronomy at Warwick University, followed by a PhD in astronomy from Manchester University. I then went on to work in various roles in the IT industry. My wife and I  live near Manchester in north west of England (with our elderly rather spoilt cat 😉 )

My passion is explaining scientific ideas to the interested lay person and since 2014 I have have been writing a  popular science blog (www.explainingscience.org). It is about astronomy, space travel and space,  written at a level which is easily accessible to the non-scientist but without being dumbed down. This is often a difficult balance to achieve, but I hope I manage it most of the time.

In 2020 I started my YouTube channel  , which is well worth checking out !

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  1. Below is a profile of an illegal surveillance technology and psychological warfare system. This technology system was created to exploit healthcare protocols to avoid detection. This technology system mimics what mental health patients possibly experience. The purpose of this technology profile/snapshot is to help anyone who is a victim of such operations using this technology to understand this illegal surveillance system and protect themselves from it. Access to expertise in advanced surveillance technology and psychological warfare tactics may be necessary to better understand this system. I hope that the technology profile can serve as a guide and or model to help replicate the surveillance system so that independent scientists can verify my claims and help in protecting civilians from such use of technology.

    A. Introduction to relevant technologies

    I am writing this so the public and those that can help can better listen to vulnerable persons trying to explain something that sounds similar to what I am about to explain below, please do not summarily dismiss people. I am begging you to take a moment and have a scientific curiosity about technologies that are dangerous to society, please read this in its entirety.

    I have experienced that some may not be aware of recent technologies and how these new scientific and technological discoveries can be weaponized by governments and others. I beg you to start collaborating with scientists and volunteers because governments, military companies, multinationals, police entities like New York City, or other powerful groups will not release evidence on technologies that destroy fundamental civil liberties. These groups develop these invasive technologies or weaponize existing ones that were not developed with the intention of destroying civil liberties and human rights.

    To best explain this illegal surveillance technology I will present some recent scientific and technological discoveries that were reported by journalists. I am including these recent scientific and technological discoveries because there are traits of these new technological abilities that are similar to the technological abilities of the illegal surveillance technology that I am trying to describe.

    It’s important to note that for some time, some of the operatives have guided me and told me things to include, or things I forgot to add to this tech profile, along with my discovery of the already existing technologies/scientific discoveries I am about to explain below. For example, since these bad operatives and anyone helping me has been monitoring me, it’s likely that they knew I visited various social media sites. It is in social media that I became aware of MIT’s Alter Ego and the recent discovery by Singapore scientists, both described below.

    I discovered about the earpiece hardware described below differently. I was outside one day and someone yelled, “It’s an earpiece!” If it was not for that person yelling I would not have started researching spy earpieces.The sleep study described below is the only scientific discovery that I found independently, but one of the operatives reminded me to add it to the tech profile, because I was continually updating the profile and somehow during the updates forgot about that tactic with the technology while asleep.They continually say I don’t give them enough credit for them helping me write the best version I can of this tech profile. I don’t know who to trust.

    I. The first technology is from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), they started promoting the Alter Ego device in 2018 or 2019. The MIT device hangs by the ear while also touching parts of the neck and jaw. According to an internet description of MIT’s Alter Ego:

    Alter Ego reads information from the peripheral somatic system through internal speech movements, rather than directly from the brain. It detects the signals users send to their mouth and vocal cords when deliberately, but silently, voicing words.

    I am not claiming that MIT’s Alter Ego engineers helped the US government or military weaponize this technological ability. I am describing how the functionality and implementation of this weaponized form of the technological ability to use sub vocalization may work.I am confident the government has weaponized the technological ability to monitor sub-vocalization.

    II. The second technology that may help clarify the illegal surveillance technology that I’m describing is what is known as an earpiece. The surveillance technology hardware may be similar to, but not exactly like, miniature spy earpieces which are sold to the public from companies like Monorean and Brickhouse Security. These devices are placed in your ear with a flat magnetic stick. Monorean stated that the user with the device in their ear cannot talk with the person on the other side of the communication by only having the earpiece placed in the ear. The user cannot communicate with only the spy earpiece in the ear, meaning the user can only talk by wearing the accompanying accessories which includes a microphone that can be hidden under a long sleeve shirt. There is the possibility that the military-grade, weaponized device can likely be implanted during medical procedures or it may also be implanted while someone is asleep. One of the operatives informed me that these ear piece technologies are used by prisoners in jail who are in solitary confinement, among other uses.

    When I was in one of the New York City hospitals, one of the operatives or hospital employees assisting the operation had what I thought was an Mini iPod. I saw him speaking into his hand with the other hand holding what I thought was that iPod. He was not the only one communicating via the technology, I heard others.

    III. One of the scientific studies that makes me think of this illegal technology is the announcement on June 2021. Scientists from Singapore discovered that, “using the human body as a medium for power transmission,” is possible. One of the many articles reporting on this discovery is the following: https : // www [dot] sciencedaily [dot] com/releases/2021/06/210614110819.htm

    I believe that the US government, with the possible help of universities and others have been using this capability and this illegal technology system likely uses this technological ability.

    Excuse me if I don’t understand the science or physics about all this, this reminds me of how a powerline adapter works. For anyone that may not be completely aware of power adapters I will attempt to briefly explain: One way to provide internet service is by using powerline adapters. For example, a powerline adapter is connected directly to an electrical socket and then a router is connected to that adapter. The second powerline adapter is directly connected to another electrical socket and the device that needs Internet access connects to that second adapter. This advanced illegal surveillance system likely uses a similar method and or capability.

    IV. The other scientific study that further makes me think about the illegal technology was announced in February 2021. The study’s subjects were asked questions while asleep/dreaming. The surveillance and psychological system is experienced in many ways. One way is that while either sleeping, dreaming, or a combination of both, the technology allows for the target to be asked questions and be taught, or at minimum, introduced, to new information. As a way to find help and vent, I published in social media a version of this technology profile, in order to help anyone experiencing something similar. A week or so later the sleep study was published. I am not formally trained in science, or sleep studies, or anything of the sort. I hope this helps you in further listening to me. The article of the sleep study and my social media posts are the following(I have deactivated the links):

    To deactivate the links below I placed spaces after the https , the colon (:), the forward slashes (//), along with replacing the actual dots with [dot].

    A sleep study was published February 18th. The study made me think of a similar experience with the technology. If you recall description number 5 on the list that follows the detailed paragraphs of the technology system, I have included it below, after the links to both the news release and my desperate attempt of finding help via social media. I deactivated the links.

    A. The news release link announcing the sleep research is the following:
    https : // gizmodo [dot] com/scientists-find-a-way-to-communicate-with-dreaming-peop-1846292025

    B. My Imgur username is BoycottFascism , Out of desperation, on February 4th, I published my experience in the social media platform imgur at the following web page : https : // imgur [dot] com/gallery/VBxqzlt

    C. My Reddit username is BoycottTheOligarchy , I posted on Reddit too, some of my other posts may have been removed )
    https : // www [dot] reddit [dot] com/r/conspiracy_commons/comments/lcsgkx/xperience_with_an_illegal_surveillance_technology/

    Below is one of the experiences that I posted that is similar to the sleep study:

    “5..While sleeping they have used this system to extract information. I noticed this was happening while I was dreaming and then would wake up. They communicate and I assume the human brain is vulnerable while asleep and, while dreaming, I have told them things I wouldn’t have while awake. This is clearly a military tactic. They do this either in the middle of the night or about a half hour or so before waking.”

    The event and or experience number 5 on the list came to mind when I heard of the research. For example, I have recently experienced being introduced the name of a Muslim and or Arab person. I repeated the name a few moments before waking and right after waking up. I suspect this was an attempt to justify the investigation to other law enforcement authorities and or to trick me, so they have a recording of me say something in Arabic. I am neither Muslim or speak Arabic.

    That is all the scientific and or technological discoveries that showcase technological abilities of the illegal system I am about to describe. Below are snapshots of experiences with this surveillance and torture system so that scientific review will show that the illegal surveillance system I am describing exists and possible ways to protect oneself from it if they cannot completely destroy the system immediately.

    B. Experiences with the Surveillance Technology

    Before reading the descriptions below the advice I have for anyone going through this is write everything you can in detail and record everything you experience. If you are in the United States make a complaint to the Offices of the Inspector General of both The Department of Justice(DOJ) and The Department of Homeland Security (DHS). I have already made my complaints to the DOJ and DHS but fear this involves deep corruption within the US government and law enforcement.

    This surveillance system may be part of military training for places such as the School of The Americas. NGOs dependent on government funding may be coerced into implanting this technology to unsuspecting victims while providing medical services. This surveillance technology might have been tested on, or currently being tested on, vulnerable communities such as homeless people, the mentally ill, and military personnel including veterans. Some medical and behavioral health professionals may be aware of this technology but assist in keeping this technology a secret.

    One of the main aspects of this technology system is torture via sleep deprivation. These operatives have deprived me of sleep by transmitting annoying sounds resembling dial-up modem sounds, anti-radio sounds, high-pitch sounds like beeps and other intermittent electronic sounds. The sounds sometimes also resemble the sounds that the Star Wars light sabers make when they’re waved around in the air. Another sleep-depriving sound appears to be a recording of a person screaming “Aaahhhh” in an annoying tone, an electronic trill. I suspect once they re-tuned the device according to my own voice by enticing me to say something. The sounds also resembles those Ether devices that pick up electromagnetic/anti-radio type of sounds.

    I am in a technological prison because no one will inform my mom about this technology so she can leave with me. The willful avoidance of informing my mom is a violation of any law I can imagine in the United States or the world. Please remember they are torturing me every day in one form or another through this technology.

    I can’t go to the hospital. When I was in New York City hospital staff were helping these bad operatives, and possibly other states where I received health services.

    The following is an example of how it functions like a receiver: There was an operative tracking me in the grocery store. I walked toward him and within 15 feet I sub-vocalized my name and asked who he was. This was heard on the grocery store speakers-this function reminds me of a stereo receiver. When leaving the store someone yelled, “Get him out of here.” I also figured out that while taunting me they can be heard alongside the music I’m listening to. These taunts are in a complimenting tone-sounding as if they’re part of the song. I have heard this while listening to music on the tablet or my pc speakers. I annoyed them when I figured out that playing the Cantina Song from Star Wars exposes their taunts, as does deep sleep music. It seems some of these songs’ frequencies accentuate their threats alongside the song. Sometimes when I respond I can hear myself in the songs as well. An aspect to keep in mind is that since the device is in my ear the sound may be going through the device and into my biological hearing and my auditory perception can be misleading. (June 28 update. I noticed that there are some sound pieces on the internet for people with Tinnitus that is similar to the deep sleep sounds I found in an attempt to deflect the sounds being sent via this technology)

    A few days ago I heard a sound difference when I purposely opened and closed my jaw tightly in an exaggerated way on my left side, the sound was something like a wave. I have felt vibrations on the left side of my head so it is likely on the left ear or side. Many times, when I have my head close to the floor the dial-up modem sounds and the light saber sounds mentioned above suddenly begin, this has also happened when I wake up in the middle of the night, as if there was a sensor able to distinguish when I woke up, there are overnight sextons ready to taunt me or wake me up during the night with the annoying sounds.

    One day I got in the car and the sounds were amplified, so much so that when I looked at a dog being walked the dog looked straight at me and wanted to come to me, the windows were closed. They also use t.v. speakers and the electronic pest device (they showed me this on purpose by making the pest device beep so some of them may be trying to help). There was this electric thump on the wall where one of the pest devices is connected, it was behaving unlike the pest device should, the wall just seemed to be thumping. As I have stated, I realize since this device is on me I have the perception that maybe others can hear it when it might be that they manipulate the frequencies in such a fashion that only I can hear them, or somehow send a frequency through speakers that only the device can pick up. This makes me think of the bandwidth and or frequencies set aside for military use.

    The surveillance device allows for regular conversations and so, at minimum, a two-way communication ability. I hear several of them, however never at the same time(I have since heard them simultaneously), so there may be an ability to connect multiple communication points in either a daisy-chain fashion, a one-to-many connection, or other kinds of connection pathways. They have said that they want money if the government gives me anything as a settlement and have threatened loved ones if I don’t give them money.

    Below are some descriptions of how this surveillance and psychological warfare technology is implemented and experienced, there is some repetition from the details described above:

    1..This psychological warfare tactic system uses electrical systems, ventilation systems, air conditioning units, television speakers, computer speakers, fans. I cannot remember if it was that I realized, or, that they volunteered the fact that they can deliver communication signals with drones. Since this illegal technology can touch so much of our regular lives it is important to have background checks and technology audits for professions such as healthcare professionals including medical, mental, dental,Ear Nose and Throat doctors, construction workers, electricians, plumbers, heating and air conditioning technicians, cable television technicians including other cable technicians, plumbing and sewer professionals and technicians etc, just to name the obvious ones.

    2..This device has a microphone filter feature that can make whoever is speaking sound different than their actual voice. Once I complained why someone was screaming so much and, as if wanting to show me, they were suddenly quiet and I, sub vocalizing (talking in my head), said something and heard myself sounding as if I was screaming, even though I wasn’t, I was sub vocalizing. This function reminds me of voice modifiers used by sound engineers and other sound recording professionals.

    3..Using the recording software Garage Band on an iPad tablet I discovered that this surveillance system’s signals can sometimes be recorded. Just as with the examples mentioned with the speakers I heard them in the Garage Band recording.

    4..At times I hear a sound having the rhythm of sonar while also sounding electronic.

    5..While sleeping they have used this system to extract information. I noticed this was happening while I was dreaming and then would wake up. They communicate and I assume the human brain is vulnerable while asleep and while dreaming and I have told them things I wouldn’t have while awake. This is clearly a military tactic. They do this either in the middle of the night or about a half hour or so before waking.

    6..I heard them saying, “all this research for nothing” as if this technology was used in this operation as a way of finding various uses and methods.

    7..They have taunted while I was trying to learn and study new subjects so it was hard to concentrate.

    8..While reading they’ll try to disrupt me by repeating what I am reading by either a half, whole, or a few words delayed. When reading or writing I say the words in my mind, this helps them.

    9..From watching television I learned that magnets can be used to create almost any objects into speakers. It seems they connected to the plumbing including the shower head to taunt me while showering, this was likely done with magnets

    10..I told my mom that the plate she cooked was delicious, I then said the Spanish word for delicious in my head,”rico”. After saying it in my head, the word “rico” was heard coming from the fan but electronic sounding, my mom ignored it, I saw her pause, she then kept eating. It seemed to be stuck in a loop, the word was repeated, in rhythm with the fan. While studying, in rhythm with the fan, they have said, “You’re Dead,” and “You’re Dumb.” it connects to electronics and behaves in this way.

    11..The floor may be magnetized too, along with the space beneath the bathroom. I have heard the vents sound as if suddenly demagnetized. It may be that if they use drones to transmit the signal, to avoid detection they may have to navigate the drone quickly away and so it demagnetizes suddenly. It can also be that if they’re controlling the magnetization from a vehicle that they get out of range or for another reason suddenly need to de-magnetize.

    12..They use t.v. speakers and maybe the cable box if the cable box has any hardware to make sound, but since the cable box is near the tv speakers it’s more likely that what I heard was the t.v. speakers. I was in a New York City homeless shelter watching television. Suddenly, from the speakers of the television someone said, “Do not go out!” I don’t know how they did this.

    13..They taunt via the pc speakers while listening to music

    14..The Star Wars Cantina Song started annoying them because their taunts are very noticeable with this song and other songs as described in more detail above. It can also be that those songs annoying them may loop back to them in a irritating sound.

    15..They may have a device that manipulates frequencies and when the signal is transmitting it can be picked up in pc speakers as it does when hearing music with headphones while using the iPad as described in more detail above.

    16..I’m almost certain they have access to cameras or placed cameras in my place because one time my left foot was touching the floor and they sent some signal through the floor and asked how my left foot felt. It felt like an electrical version of when one of your limbs falls asleep. It is highly likely they placed an electrically magnetized wiring system below this second floor apartment, they did something like this before but I forgot the details of that other time.

    17..Since the device is inside me all noises I hear may be manipulated and my hearing perspective can be misleading me as described earlier. For example, my relative was snoring loudly one night and it felt like they were communicating through the snores. However, since the snoring enters my ear and goes through the device or system this could alter my auditory perception, and so appearing, to me, to be communicating through the snoring.

    18..I was laying on another couch and they were taunting me, I happened to let my toe touch the floor and the cadence of their taunts matched the electric vibrations I felt on my toe.

    19..Once they seemed to be able to loudly rattle the vents or ac, I opened the front door and they stopped doing it.

    20..One of them said that they use the implanted device to track me with drones as part of the system

    21..Sometimes when talking to myself I hear words vibrate on whatever object is being magnetized somewhere in the apartment building,(sounds metallic).

    22..One way they taunt me when I’m outside is by either using a device that mimics that bird which makes hoo sounds in threes, “hoo” “hoo” “hoo,” or, the device manipulates the sound waves of the actual animal making the “hoo”s. The taunts in this instant and the cricket chirping example below align with each sound. For example, with the bird sound they would say something like, “you.” “are.” “dead.”

    23..Additionally, they either have a device that mimics a cricket’s chirping sound or the device may manipulate the sound waves as the actual animal chirps.

    24..I heard someone asking “Is he online?” and someone else responded “Yea he’s online.” This slang seems to mean that this surveillance system is on me.

    25..At my place, while taunting me, I sometimes hear a sound that’s like a ding, much like the ding you hear when the elevator makes a stop on a floor, the ding is heard once, slightly before whatever they start saying..

    26..They may have access to the camera of my security service

    27..The other day the electricity went out in an unusual way it was maybe them testing the security system

    28..I heard someone say that there’s something on the roof that the drones use to help them control the system. I don’t know why they would volunteer this information.

    29..In New York City when I was in the train, talking in my head, I was demanding who is behind this operation and this technology. Someone in the train told me to shut up, she was one of the operatives, a beautiful African American woman.

    30..They have played the alarm song after I turn it off in the morning.

    31..Two or Three women mocked me by singing Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer with me or they continued the song once I stopped singing. They sang America (My Country Tis Of Thee) after I played it on the tablet, I remember crying when they did that.

    32..They told me that they have told religious people implemented with this technology that they are the god they believe in to make it easier for them to convince the target to follow their instructions. This is important because this can be used to convince people to do something they would not otherwise do if they’re vulnerable to believing in a god. This in combination with number 5 on this list can be combined to sabotage many kinds of human interactions and relationships requiring trust.

    33..They have taunted me via public street speakers. In New York City they told me that an under cover cop will shoot me in the head.

    34..I have noise protection ear muffs from when I worked at the military contractor manufacturing plant. I discovered that one way to temporarily deflect their taunts and sleep deprivation tactics is by putting on the ear muffs. However, within seconds, the frequency seems to adjust and the annoying sounds and or their taunts gradually return. The same thing happens after suddenly taking the ear muffs off.

    35..A similar intricacy as described above with the earmuffs also occurs when listening to music with headphones. For example, I discovered that listening to music with headphones while connected to the iPad mitigates the annoying sounds they produce and that don’t let me sleep. When listening to music this way I hear their taunts sounding as if the words are part of the song, I get sick of it and take off the headphones playing the music. When they notice I took off the headphones they start playing the dial-up modem type sounds. This could be that since they can hear what I can hear they’re adjusting. It can also be that the signal is disrupted from me taking off the headphones. Sometimes when I hear them taunting me while listening to music with the headphones on, I take the headphones off and hear the taunts continue but coming from my ear and sounding electronic. There is also a delay some of the times as with the noise protection ear muffs. However, they have now adjusted this tactic by simultaneously harassing me when I have the headphones on and still transmit the dial-up modem type sounds so that even if I take off the headphones, they regularly already have the annoying sounds playing. As stated before, I suspect that the ability to connect to electronics, the magnetization wiring and possibly speakers are the reason the sounds are amplified in my mom’s home.

    36..When they play the high pitch noises to deprive me of sleep I sometimes use my fingers to cover my ears, and especially when covering my right ear with my finger, I hear what reminds me of a feedback loop.

    37..While in New York City, people have heard them threaten me through either public speakers including speakers in buses. People have repeated their threats, I have heard them convince people to repeat their taunts. These people in the public have repeated the taunts probably because they were scared for themselves, or thought that they were helping law enforcement and in so doing being convinced that I am a threat. I was at the open air Greyhound bus stop in Washington DC, the one in the second floor parking lot space. It was so loud, vents or something metal was vibrating along with their taunts. People were looking at me.

    38. Wheil I was in one of the hospitals, it sounded as if they turned off or reset the device. The sound was several beeps in different tones.

    39. Another example of what I suspect is electric magnetization being used, is that several times while asleep in bed I felt what was an electric whip under the mattress sheet. They woke me up like that. The only thing I can imagine is that it is electric. It was as if a ray of electricity or a whip seemed to be snapped from under the sheet.

    40.I suspect that if they’re using drones they may lower it at night and or that the drone position may impact the electrical power somehow.

    41. Recently they have reduced all this taunting at night but still continue it even if it is less frequent or as intense as before. This reduction has happened after my attempts of contacting the correct authorities.

    42. A woman once said, “I don’t want you to relax” and seemed to be increasing the intensity of the sounds while I was trying to sleep.

    43. I told them they’re sleep deprivation torture is impacting my health because I have been feeling pain in my heart and chest area. The heart and chest pain is likely because they have practiced the sleep deprivation torture tactics for such a long time. I blame them if I have any failing heart condition.

    44..At times when I have turned my head all the way to right and then to the left I have heard and felt a white noise or a physical buzzing on the left side.

    45..Possible effect on an Atomic Clock from the surveillance system: The technology system may have effected an atomic clock my mom has. She said that when I came back from New York the atomic clock stopped working. According to Wikipedia, “An atomic clock is a clock device that uses a hyperfine transition frequency in the microwave, or electron transition frequency in the optical or ultraviolet region of the electromagnetic spectrum of atoms as a frequency standard for its timekeeping element.”

    46..To gauge my personality they start a sentence and I am often compelled to complete the sentence. It seems that they realized that I tend to finish the sentence when prompted in this way and I have realized that this allows them to know my opinions on various aspects. One thing I hear them say is, “I don’t trust his motives.” It seems that people like myself that are susceptible to being expressive are vulnerable to this tactic that reveals one’s personal thoughts on many topics and scenarios. This is grossly illegal. It feels as if I’m being judged and waiting for pending approval of being helped by the government. This tactic can also be used to provide lawyers with more information in anticipation of a lawsuit or official, legal questioning by the government.

    47.Lately they started playing a fast pulsating sound. It reminds me of those electronic music machines that use an electric pulse, but these operatives play it at a fast cadence so it resembles a fast pulse, one right after the other.

    48. My mom has sensitive ears so even though the technology may not be applied on her (as stated before, it’s likely applied during medical visits such as when they put you asleep to take out wisdom teeth or any medical procedure when they put you to sleep. I don’t know if they have applied it on my mom. She has told me that her ears hurt lately. Likely because of the high pitched frequencies they have used. The technology uses sound waves and frequencies that can be damaging to her, not to mention to me since the technology is on me. My roommate has nerve damage and they did not know what caused it. I suspect that just like this technology there may be medical weapons that hide illegal military grade weapons such as nerve agents and I want to know if my roommate was exposed. These weapons may hide or mimic regular human biological processes in a similar way that poison confuses the human body by appearing to be safe.

    49..One evening this week they were taunting me and I noticed that the bathtub hole where the water empties, was where the sound was coming the strongest. So it is either that there is magnetization of the plumbing or some other way. I have noticed in the past that when the landscaping workers are outside working I hear the sounds of their machine through the bathtub hole.

    50. During April 2021 I was at home, as mentioned before since the magnets and wire system is amplified in my apartment I hear and feel everything better. The metal in my mouth, I mean my teeth, is likely how they do it. My jaw was loose and it felt electrified and was moving up and down on its own with no force from me.

    51. instead of the high pitched sound they have figured a way to wake me up by what feels like a burst of electricity and them saying something in a tone that attracts my ears, simply saying “wake up” or using a tone that attracts the listener, what attracts someone’s ears to listen may differ from person to person. They also keep me awake by continuing to harass me via the technology by simply talking and keeping me awake. They still use some kind of annoying tone in the day as well but not as much as in the night or morning to disrupt my sleep.

    52. In May 2021 I was walking on the street one night and as they were communicating via the technology it sounded like it suddenly turned off, resembling when a vinyl record player suddenly stops mid way while a song is playing. This sound of turning off was by a sewer opening in the street. As stated before, any devices or sensors may be in the sewer system and not just the plumbing system.

    53. When they were playing the high-pitched sounds loudly to cause sleep deprivation, and I didn’t know that sleep deprivation was a form of torture, I made video recordings on my phone. The video recordings picked up what sounded like a fax electronic type of sound. If they happen to be taunting me while I am replaying those videos, I hear them through my smartphone.

    54. One of the operatives communicating via the technology claimed that it was a special device that somehow works together with the metal in the teeth. I don’t know if this is true or an attempt to sabotage my attempt to reach the scientific truth of this system.

    55. They always talk to me via the technology while driving so they have purposefully placed me in danger while driving, another clandestine tactic.

    56. On June 18th, 2021 while working they made the device vibrate. I felt it on the left side of my head, a strong shaking, it then suddenly stopped. As with many thing in this tech profile it’s as if they want to show me, a kind of atonement for doing this to me.

    57. I felt what must be like an electric charge from the floor. From my limited scientific knowledge I am guessing it increases the magnetism. There may be magnetic nodes of some kind.

    58. Frustrated from the sounds that are either anti radio and or dial up modem up sounds as part of their sleep deprivation torture, I discovered that brown noise deflects those sounds and am now able to sleep better, however I can still faintly hear them speak as with how I have heard them while listening to music mentioned in this tech profile.

    59. Recently, while they were playing the sounds that usually resemble anti radio and or dial up modem I was barefoot, the sound felt particularly strong and as when it does I feel the sounds/vibrations in my left ear. I felt my finger tingling almost as when you sit on your hand for a minute but I felt that in my finger. I do not understand if it’s because of the electrical charge from the equipment they have somewhere beneath the floor. I never felt that before. We have wooden floors.

    60. More than once, after pausing the brown noise sound, it felt as if a component that may be connected either to the plumbing or the air conditioning, or ventilation helped me to hear them clearer and I heard myself as I have described the grocery store incident when the component functioned like a receiver. Since finding the brown noise sounds that deflect most of those high pitched sounds, and noise resembling anti radio and or dial up modem sounds, they have managed to still have a tone but it is mostly deflected because of the brown noise, I am able to sleep better.

    61. Since they are aware of the technology profile and are monitoring me and some have assisted in making this profile more complete, there is the possibility that they are manipulating my understanding of the technology, for example, allowing the brown noise to deflect a capability but avoiding any other capabilities of the system be exposed or reducing its impact so that this profile does not serve the general purpose of informing people how to protect themselves from this specific system or any systems similar to it.

    62. Regarding 61 above, they have used what seems like the sound of someone in a synthesizer-type technology chanting “Aaaahh,” This sound was one of the hardest aspects to deal with when I did not discover the Brown Noise and now White noise to deflect these sounds so I can sleep because of their constant sleep deprivation torture with this technology. One of the reasons that I like both the brown and white noise is that, especially after white noise, when I suddenly take off my headphones, I seem to hear them and myself, if I sub vocalize, sounding as if we’re speaking within a tin can, a very metallic-type of sound, just as with other sounds with this system, that sound appeared to be coming from the vent and or the air conditioning but maybe other materials and or electronics in the apartment, anything connected to the system. I covered my ears to ensure that specific metallic sound wasn’t from the embedded component. Another possible example of the kind of devices being used in this system beyond the anti radio ether devices described before is the Loam Geophone recording device. There is a YouTube video about it titled, Lom Geofón – Real World Test in Iceland

    63. I work in a virtual call center and use headphones to talk to customers, while working they once turned on this sound that sounded like liquid going into a drain, a sucking sound, they have also played high pitched sounds during work.

    64. As mentioned previously in example 49, in that same way that I heard them in the bathroom piping, as if the plumbing was magnetized to transform the pipe into a speaker, they did the same with the fan over the stove in the kitchen and while that fan was on they were taunting but this time it’s as if they were showing me more aspects of the system.

    65. I heard what sounded like a video game sound, it reminded me of the time it seemed that they turned off the embedded component.

    66. As previously noted with white and brown noise,I discovered pure pink noise recently to deflect their taunts and anti radio sounds, high pitch sounds etc. It might be possible to create an app that mixes the various color sounds in real time to better deflect all their sounds and taunts.


  2. Hi Steve,
    Please advise the approximate Radius LY distance of the original departure point CMB radiation we see here and now, that’s 13B rounded LY to get here?
    what’s the nearest known departure point of any light we see here and now, that’s ever been subjected to any comic expansion?
    please advise,
    roger m

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  3. I’ve placed a post on my own page, using the #Facebook, to try to find out why you’ve been blocked. I’m hoping such a public question might create some positive response. I’ll let you know if I receive a reply.

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    1. I have just been informed that it is because Facebook has blocked my domain http://www.explainingscience.org!
      I have found out that this can be quite time consuming for an individual who is not a business (i.e not paying Facebook anything) to get Facebook to resolve this. If I can’t resolve it quickly I may simply have to temporarily remove the FB share button ;-(

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      1. Facebook’s algorithms are definitely idiosyncratic. Might be worth simply asking them the question ‘why?’ as they seem happy to rely on the outcome of their ‘policeman’ but generally look at anything brought to their attention. Good luck with them. They once deleted a post of mine, on my author page, because they thought it was spam. I explained it was my post, on my page about my book. They apologised and reinstated the post!

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        1. Hi the issue I am have having is that, as an individual rather than organisation paying Facebook money, I cannot find any way to contact FaceBook directly to ask a human the question “Why has my domain http://www.explainingscience.org been blocked?’

          The only thing WordPress could suggest to help me was to post a question on the Facebook Help Forum https://www.facebook.com/help/community/ and hope someone would answer it. I have done this but I have had no replies to my question

          If you (any other readers) could suggest any way of contacting a human in Facebook that would be great!!

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  4. Hi,

    Just following up as I didn’t hear back from you, sorry to email you again. I noticed your page thesciencegeek.org/2015/03/21/easter-sunday-5-th-april/ links to http://www.timeanddate.com. Unfortunately, that site isn’t very accessible for the sight impaired. Would you consider adding a link to a more accessible version like http://www.thetimenow.com which is WCAG 2.0 compatible?

    Also, if you ever want to see how accessible a page is, I recommend wave.webaim.org. It is really helpful.

    Shane Buck

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  5. Hi, Thesciencegeek! Glad to make your acquaintance! I plan to make your site one of my daily stops. Your writing is awesome! NOW, I would like to ask you a question and you can answer it in the form of a blog post if you want to–or not. How would you go about refuting the Flat Earth crowd who still, somehow, believe that the earth is a disc rather than a globe? I am completely on board with the globe earth as I was taught growing up, but these flat earthers have some very interesting theories. I was wondering if you have ever looked at them. (For a chuckle, of course.) And if I were to engage someone like this, how could I debunk their claims? Just throwing that out there for ya, in case you were bored! LOL Thanks! Look forward to hearing from you!

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  6. Hey Science Geek,

    I love your posts. I read them almost every time I get the email. I don’t know of you take requests or not, but I’d love to read your thoughts on KIC 8462852.

    Either way, keep up the great work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much. I am glad you are enjoying my blog and you find my posts interesting.
      The brightness fluctuations in KIC 846282 would certainly make a very interesting interesting topic for a post. I’ll see how I get on. There are so many interesting topics to blog about and I have my few posts planned already and time is always in short supply because in addition to being the Science Geek I have a full time day job 🙂

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    1. Hi Thanks very much for the invitation. I will have to put your request on hold for the moment as I have full time day job in addition to being the science geek. I have had a look a number of your posts and they certainly look interesting.
      Your might be interested in a number of posts on cosmology I have done. I have included some links below
      (1) The Universe Past, Present and Future. This describes what is meant by the Universe and gives an overview of its origins, evidence for its expansion and discusses briefly its ultimate fate. To view this post click here http://thesciencegeek.org/2014/10/28/the-universe-past-present-and-future/

      (2) A brief history of the Universe. This gives a history of the Universe from just after the big bang until the current date. To view this post click here http://thesciencegeek.org/2014/11/17/a-brief-history-of-the-universe/

      (3) Dark Energy. This post gives the reasons why cosmologist believe dark energy exists and why it makes up nearly 70% of the mass of the Universe. To view this post click here http://thesciencegeek.org/2015/01/12/dark-energy/

      (4) Dark Energy over Time. This post discusses how the amount of dark energy in the Universe has varied over time and its implications on its future evolution. To view this post click here http://thesciencegeek.org/2015/01/25/dark-energy-over-time/

      (5) Dark Matter. This post discusses evidence for dark matter, the mysterious substance which makes up around 25% of the mass of the Universe. To view this post click here http://thesciencegeek.org/2015/02/18/dark-matter/

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      1. Hello,

        First of all thank you for taking out time and replying in such a detail.

        About the request no problems at all. Thank you for the appreciation. I will certainly look at your post. Also in future if you change your mind let me know :).

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  7. “There may be babblers, wholly ignorant of mathematics, who dare to condemn my hypothesis, upon the authority of some part of the Bible twisted to suit their purpose. I value them not, and scorn their unfounded judgment.”

    Nicolas Copernicus’

    “I think you can see Liverpool’s new Main Stand from where you live!”

    Anvil Springstien.

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  8. You have a gift for teaching — for conveying the complex in simple enough terms for the non-versed of us to comprehend — and a great site. I was a biology major as an undergraduate (many eons ago), but have not lost that sense of awe the beauty and mystery of the universe inspire. It kills me that the boundary between science and pseudo-science is being blurred. We are not only “dumbing down” the next generation, we are actively pursuing ignorance.

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  9. Thank you for stopping by my blog and checking out my cosmology bookshelf. Always nice to run across other fascinated by cosmology. Thanks for your site, too. I recently ran across rainbow universe theory, so I’ve found another internet rabbit wormhole to dive into. Cheers!

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  10. Hello, and thanks for stopping by my site. I am science geek as well, though I am an English professor. I have been a closet space nerd since I was a kid. I love your site, and will be back often!

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  11. Thank you very much for the “like” of my recent guest post on First Night History. I read and enjoyed your own blog, The Science Geek.

    As you may know, I am working on a history book-blog of my own, which can be seen at [one word] theoryofirony.com, then clicking on either the “sample chapter” or “blog” buttons at the top. My Rube Goldberg brain asks with an odd, well-caffeinated kind of logic: Why is there an inverse proportion between the size of the print and the importance of the message? Science. Commerce. Art. Literature. Military. Religion. I call this eccentric thinking the Theory of Irony and if your busy schedule permits, give a read and leave a comment.

    P.S. I do believe you would be intersted in another recent guest post at “The Freelance History Writer” which I called, “The Battle of All Time.”

    Erik Von Norden

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  12. Hi there, thanks for stopping by my blog. It’s nice to read scientific articles that are clear and understandable to the non-scientific mind. I look forward to following your posts. By the way, my Dad is from your neck of the woods, but he left Oldham in his late teens.

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