Explaining Science YouTube Channel and Blog

Welcome to the Explaining Science YouTube channel and blog!

There is a clear demand for good quality but easily understandable astronomy videos (and indeed not just astronomy but good science videos in general!). Although there are many excellent ones out there, there are also many bad videos on YouTube which give misleading and incorrect information. Sadly many of these poor videos are professionally made, look very slick and have a large number of views.

So, back in July 2020, I created the Explaining Science YouTube channel: YouTube.com/ExplainingScience . I have organised it into playlists and the Popular Astronomy one will be of particular interest to those of you without a scientific background. If you would like to view something a little more challenging try the General Astronomy or Physics playlists.

So visit the channel, take a look at some of the videos, and let me know what you think!

One of the videos from the Explaining Science YouTube channel


I started the blog, a little earlier, back in April 2014. Since then it has steadily grown to have well over 7000 followers. It is now  considered by the aggregator site feedspot.com to be one of the top astronomy blogs on the internet and has  been mentioned on the BBC news website.

The blog contains articles on astronomy, space and space travel – written at a level which is easily accessible to the non-scientist but without being dumbed down. This can be a difficult balance to achieve, but I hope I manage it most of the time!

There over 200 posts. To view the most recent click on the icon below

If you fancy a longer more detailed read, then I’ve written popular astronomy books about the Moon, SETI and Venus. These are available in the Amazon Kindle store.