The End of the Universe

In this post I’ll talk about the far future of the Universe and also how there is a certain similarity with the very early Universe - one of the reasons which led  Roger Penrose to propose his Cyclical model of the Universe. Before we do this, it is worth having a very brief summary about… Continue reading The End of the Universe

Cycles of Time

In a future post I'll talk in detail about conformal cyclical cosmology (CCC). This is a model of the Universe where it passes endlessly through a possibly infinite number of cycles (or aeons) each of which starts with a big bang and ends with a rapidly expanding empty universe.  This fascinating idea was proposed in… Continue reading Cycles of Time

Our finely-tuned Universe part III – Explanations for fine tuning

As discussed in my previous two posts our  Universe appears to be very finely tuned and is governed by four fundamental interactions. A relatively small  increase or decrease in the strength of one of these interactions, such as making the force of gravity weaker or stronger, would make the emergence of life impossible. The four… Continue reading Our finely-tuned Universe part III – Explanations for fine tuning

Our finely-tuned Universe part II – Examples of fine tuning

In a previous post I talked about the four forces which govern the way the Universe works. I’m now going to give some examples of fine tuning. How different our Universe would be if these four forces had very different relative strengths. But before I do this, it is worth giving a quick summary from… Continue reading Our finely-tuned Universe part II – Examples of fine tuning

Our Finely-tuned Universe Part I-Fundamental forces

This is first of a series of three posts in which I'll talk about the idea that the fundamental forces which govern our Universe and fundamental constants such as: the strength of gravity, the electric charge of the electron and the amounts of matter, dark matter and dark energy  in the Universe have been in… Continue reading Our Finely-tuned Universe Part I-Fundamental forces