Time and time zones

In this post I’ll talk about the measurement of time and the use of time zones throughout the world. This is particularly topical at this time of year.  In the early hours of Sunday 27 October the clocks go back an hour throughout the EU as Europe switches to winter time. The natural day There… Continue reading Time and time zones

How the length of a day changes over the year

Note March 25 2021 This topic is also available on YouTube https://youtu.be/Mx9AJJSKIL4 Most people are probably unaware of this but the length of a solar day, which is the natural day measured by the rising and setting of the Sun isn't  always 24 hours. It varies slightly throughout the course of the year and the days… Continue reading How the length of a day changes over the year

12 Feb 2015: a special day

Darwin Day, February 12, is probably most famous for being the birthday of Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln, both of whom were coincidentally born in the same year (1809). However, what is less well known is that February 12 is also a day of astronomical significance. As readers of my previous post The Shortest Day will recall, the actual… Continue reading 12 Feb 2015: a special day