Dark Energy Over Time

This post continues the subject of dark energy, which, as discussed in my previous post is a mysterious form of energy which makes up about 68 per cent of the mass of the Universe and is the reason why the Universe is expanding at an ever-faster speed. This post will discuss how the percentage of dark energy changes over time… Continue reading Dark Energy Over Time

A Brief History of the Universe

This post covers a brief history of the Universe from the Big Bang until the the present day. This, as I am sure you'll agree, is a pretty big topic so I can only give a outline of some of the key events and when we believed they happened. This post is the second in my… Continue reading A Brief History of the Universe

The Universe Past, Present and Future.

The  Universe is all existing matter and space, including all stars, planets, galaxies and the space between them. This post, which is the first in a series about cosmology discusses the origins of the Universe and its ultimate future. (All my posts on this topic can be found at https://explainingscience.org/tag/cosmology/)   How large is the Universe ?… Continue reading The Universe Past, Present and Future.