Is There Anyone Out There ? e-book from the The Science Geek

I have written a short e-book on the likelihood of there being extraterrestrial intelligent life and how humans have tried to find that life and make contact with it.  It is based on a number of posts from my blog. The book is available to download from Amazon in Kindle format by clicking here.

Is Anyone Out There Cover

The book will be free to download until the end of Thursday 13 August GMT, after which time it will be £1.99.

I have also made my earlier e-book on the Moon available on the same deal. This can be downloaded by clicking here.

Moon Cover

12 thoughts on “Is There Anyone Out There ? e-book from the The Science Geek”

  1. That’s a wonderful idea: I have downloaded the ‘Is anyone out there?’ ebook for kindle and rated it highly both for the content and the spirit of sharing scientific knowledge freely.


    1. Ok thanks for letting me know. The book is available in other countries but to find it you will probably need to google something like “the science geek” Amazon “is there anyone out” there plus your country name.

      To simplify the process I will update the post shortly to add the extra links to download the book in different countries.

      The science geek


    2. Search for “the science geek” in the Kindle store on Amazon US and you’ll find them. I just downloaded both from there, and I’m looking forward to reading them!


  2. I would love these, but I don’t have a kindle. (Foolishly bought a Sony Reader instead)
    Any plans to do a paperback? (I’ve published all my books on Createspace and it’s very straightforward and free to do…)


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