Paperback and e-book from The Science Geek on Venus

I have now produced a paperback version of my book on Venus, the planet closest to the Earth in distance, size and internal composition, and the third brightest natural object in our sky after the Sun and the Moon.

Topics include

  • how Venus appears from Earth and the fact that Venus’s phases can only be explained by a heliocentric theory and not the geocentric theory
  • exploration of the Venus by spacecraft – these missions discovered a harsh hostile world, where the surface temperature is nearly five hundred degrees Celsius and the atmospheric pressure is a crushing 92 times that of Earth
  • the transit of Venus, an astronomical event in which Venus appears to cross the surface of the Sun – observations of the transit of Venus were critical to the development of astronomy in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries
  • settling on and terraforming the planet.


To order this book from the Amazon store click here


I have also made the e-book version available to download, in Kindle format, free for five days starting on Saturday 8 June. To download the e-book click here.




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